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Digital Marketing Agency 8th Edition Awards 2020. The Digital Marketing Agency Awards celebrate the very essence of digital innovation. They help us shine the spotlight on the super-achievers in the Digital Marketing space, who have led the way through their groundbreaking concepts, solutions and novel tactics.

Awardee List:

Award: “Digital Marketing Agency of the Year (2020)”

Winner: Emblix Solutions

Winning criteria: For tremendous contributions to the Digital Marketing space for the past 8 years

Award: “Digital Champions (2020)”

Winner: Markiverse Media Pvt. Ltd

Winning criteria: For helping mid-sized and startup companies become omnipresent on social media through innovative digital tactics

Award: “Rising Digital Marketing Agency (2020)”

Winner: Leadone Digital

Winning criteria: For taking the initiative to spread awareness on digital marketing amid the COVID-19 pandemic

how to manage stress

Stress, as commonly by millions of people around the world, Stress is a  feeling of heaviness and pressure on one's physical and mental capacities. 
It is a feeling of being overwhelmed, or of being unsure of how to meet certain standards, and being filled with anxiety. 

Although a small amount of stress can increase energy and alertness, it can be very bothersome if it is not addressed properly.Being stressed while at work will decrease one's focus and can reflect on the job itself. Being stressed by other factors including relationships with other people can be seen in a person's movement, health, and way of thinking. In dealing with stress, there are a lot of stress techniques, remedies, and tips readily available for all people to use and practice.

The best way to fight stress is to remain calm and relaxed. Relaxation is a key component in stress relief. It makes you feel light, allowing a person to 

experience peace and serenity. 

Another factor to consider is one's environment and the people around you. It is possible to feel stressed when people around you are also stressed,  It is important to minimize the level of stress that can come from “toxic” people in your office or even in your own home.

Some people can easily cope with stress.  Being around these “stress doctors” can help you feel a sense of calm and control.

practice deep and heavy breathing. The body is relaxed by breathing slowly for a count of seven, then breathing out for a count of eleven. Repeat this count until heart rate slows down.

Lack of sleep, no exercise, and a poor diet can also contribute to stress.  Having a healthy regular diet, enough sleep, and  regular exercise will also do a lot to fight anxiety.

Thinking about stressful situations, or having “what if” thoughts  could break one's relaxation and give them stress.  Avoid such thoughts and think of what can be to prevent such stress.

Stress relief activities such as yoga, meditation, Tai chi, progressive muscle relaxation, massage therapy, and other relaxation exercises can help in relieving stress.

Hope all will get Rid of stress and win over Anxiety...Happy Living.

Sreedhar Kodali


Beautiful Rose Flowers Colors And Senses

We Humans are very attached to flowers.The Flowers play a very vital,beautiful,blooming role in our lives.Any occassion you mention the first thing comes in our mind are flowers.Flowers are used in all stages of our life from Birth to death.You name any occassion Flowers will have its presence.We use different types of flowers to offer prayers to God.All the God's and Goddess are very found of flowers.Flowers have a very great significance in our daily life whether we are are offering them  to God for Pooja or using them for any occassion's like Cradle Ceremony,Birthday's,ValentineDay,Housewarming,Engagement,Marriage.Women are very found of flowers,almost all women like flowers. They like to receive many flowers even if it is her birthday or an anniversary or for no reason at all. The woman consider that it doesn't really have to be a special day to bring her flowers, it should  happen in any simple day in order to show your feelings for her.We are affected physically and emotionally by the sight and smell of flowers. When appropriate words just won’t fall from our lips, either in wonderful or terrible situations, flowers will more than do the job for us, and speak volumes through their appearance and perfume, perhaps making a stronger impression than any words could make,using flowers is an easy way to express our feelings

ROSES have lot of senses. Every color means something else:

* red - imply passionate, romantic love

* white - express innocence, purity, secrecy, 

virtue and chastity

* yellow - friendship or devotion, a dying love, 

platonic love, and also means jealousy and 


* blue - mystery, attaining the impossible

* orange - desire, passion

* burgundy - beauty

* pink - a lesser affection, grace

* light pink - admiration, sympathy

* dark pink - gratitude

* red and yellow - joy, happiness, excitement

* red and white - unity

Sreedhar Kodali

Brahma Kamalam flower full bloom In Terrace Hyderabad

The Brahma Kamal plant found in Himalayas are extremely rare and are famous not only for their beauty but also for their role in traditional medicine. Brahma Kamal, named after Brahma, the God of Creation, probably blooms only for one night in the entire year, somewhere between July and September , it is considered very lucky if u see it bloom. We were extremely excited to watch the flower blooming, as it was our first sight of watching Brahma Kamal flower full blooming. The Flower started to bloom by 7:30 PM in the evening  and it fully bloomed by 11:00 PM.I tried my best to capture all the stages of flower blooming. Please watch the video of Brahma Kamal flower blooming from Bud to a complete flower.

Sreedhar Kodali

Henry Joseph-Emails Era 

Henry-Emails Era

Mr. Henry Joseph is the founder of Emails Era & Easy Business Toolkit. He is from Hyderabad, Telangana. He started his career as an NewsPaper Delivery Boy from their he joined another company to kick start his future worked in the same company for past 12 years and he had faced lot during his job to make his stand but something in his heart was not willing to do a regular job, He has an zeal in helping small business owners to develop their business. He was working in a company as well as he was doing freelancing to help business owners to generate business. He thought of creating a platform that would help the business people who want to generate business. His maintain intention to create a good platform where all businesses can access all tools at one place. After doing all the research he came up with a plan by launching a few products like Email Marketing Software, Business Toolkit, Database Subscriptions. Over the past 12 years he saw many businesses struggling to generate leads through email marketing so he launched a database subscription platform where businesses can target their niche customers and he also built an email marketing software where business owners can run their email campaigns. Clients started using his applications and all clients satisfied. Everything was going well but Henry was not satisfied that he is still not giving his efforts to help business owners. Many businesses don't have proper strategies and documentation on how to run a business so Henry and his team first came up with launching business documents which is required for every business owner, from legal documentations to marketing strategies. Now, Emails Era & Easy Business Toolkit is a leading platform in India where business owners can utilize both of the services. Henry defines success as "Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you".

Henry Joseph
Founder & CEO
Emails Era & Easy Business Toolkit
Mobile: +91-9133262742


Sreedhar Kodali


Brahma kamal flower full blooming

They have large beautiful white star-like flowers that help their pollinators to bloom with a beautiful scent by the moon or by starlight.

The flowers begin to bloom after sunset at 7 p m and take about two hours to bloom with a diameter of 8 hours and remain open overnight.

Brahma Kamal, named after Brahma, the god of creation, blooms only one night somewhere between July and September, probably throughout the year.

Commonly known as the Night Blooming Ceres, Queen of the Night, Lady of the Night, it blooms like its beautiful lotus flower in the middle of the night. In India it is called Brahma Kamal (Brahma Kamal) and is considered a sacred plant.

It is also known as the orchid cactus because of its beauty and plant-like orchids that resemble cactus.

The Brahma lotus plant found in the Himalayas is often seen growing on the curtains of a window in a house. It is the flower of the state of Uttarakhand.

Brahma is also known as the flower of God, which is considered to be very lucky to see it blooming ...

In a Hindu film, Brahma is seen sitting on a rose that resembles the Indian national flower, the lotus (Sanskrit: Kamal). That is why people claim that the Nelumbo rose has a Brahma lotus

It is believed that it brings a lot of luck and prosperity and the house where the flowers bloom is very auspicious and lucky. Brahma Kamal is a herbal medicine. The plant is considered an herb in Tibetan medicine. It tastes bitter. The plant is used whole. It is also used to treat urogenital disorders.


The Flowers in the video are from our uncle’s  Mr. Bose  Jasti  terrace Garden in Hyderabad.

Sreedhar Kodali