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Mr.Chakrapani Anumula is the founder of iDoneSEO. He came from a Telugu medium background and struggled a lot during his early days of career, he thought of creating a platform that would help the business people as well as the people who are looking for their careers.  His main intention to create a platform was to help companies to hire talent, and at the same time to convert the platform into a business model for him. He was into Digital Marketing all his career and has done a lot of work on SEO, when he thought of naming his forum first thing struck his mind was ihavedoneseo and later he named it iDoneSEO. He always thought of making his forum as a brand for Digital marketing. He conducted multiple Events to promote Digital Marketing and made a huge impact in that space.iDoneSEO is now one of the leading Digital Marketing forum in Hyderabad with more than 7K followers. Chakrapani defines success as not having any debts and dependent on others for your business. He is getting closer every year in making his dream come true to make iDoneSEO as a leader in digital marketing summits. MyBlogVlog wishes him a great career, and a huge success ahead in the coming years.

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iDoneSEO is a peer to peer community of Digital Marketing Professionals and enthusiasts for knowledge and opportunity sharing. We help Businesses to get more traffic, followers & customers from SEO, Social Media, PPC, etc Digital Marketing Campaigns.At iDoneSEO we help in creating Brand Identity for the startups.


Chakrapani Anumula

Founder iDoneSEO

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